Friday, August 29, 2014

Taylor Steele naked

Taylor Steele
One of the sexiest, sweetest girls ever to hail from Canada graces our lives once again. We're talking Taylor Steele--who else? She makes you want to sing "Oh, Canada!" This brunette stunner could literally build an army out of her many admirers. Every day is a boob bonanza with Taylor. The camera worships her like a slave, hypnotized by her huge tits. In this pictorial from the Bahamas, Taylor gets her gorgeous body into exquisitely horny positions that are pure erection builders. Using her fingers to open her sweet pussy lips, bending over to spread her beautiful butthole, here's a girl who can make a man cum out just by smiling at him while she cups her soft, pliable twin delights. Taylor is beautiful eyecandy with a great sense of humor that makes her the tit-man's fantasy dreamgirl. Taylor used to work in a McDonald's drive-through in Toronto. That must have been a sight to behold. But she was meant for better things than Micky D. She was meant to undress while the cameras roll.